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Cuba’s most revered tobacco grower whose leaves have been found to wrap their way around the country’s finest Habanos, Papito Gomez has unearthed his roots in the premium hand blended cigar industry from an established master.

Just a year after he smoked his first cigar at age ten, Alejandro Robinia began working on his family’s tobacco fields in western Cuba.

Later, he went on to achieve worldwide cult status among cigar aficionados for the silent leaves that he produced on his own 40-acre plantation dubbed “Finca La Pina” located in Chucillas de Barbacoa.

Right now, the cigar’s quality can still be appreciated in top-of-the-line Cohibas, Esplendidos and Hoya de Monterrey Double Coronas, which are internationally renowned for their aroma, burn, draw and construction.

As a mentoring relationship… these specific artisan traits have now been attentively passed down to Gomez through the hands-on-training and masterly guidance of Robinia.

Years later in Nicaragua, Papito has grown to similar cult status himself—where he blends and rolls for other world-class luxury brands.

Papito Gomez, was already established as a highly acclaimed master-blender when Magnum Company and partners went to Nicaragua in search of a master-blender, eventually finding Papito to aid in the development of FLOR DE CASTILLO—Exclusive Signature Blends.


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